Laser Marking

Laser Marking Services on Flat and 3D Surfaces

Serial numbers, bar codes, part numbers, logos, and other identifying markers are among some of the things that can be lasered onto a wide variety of materials. At A-laser, our laser cutting services ensure quality, precision, permanent markings that are highly repeatable and can be created on flat surfaces as well as 3-D products.

Due to governmental regulations, the need for accuracy in labeling is highly prioritized, and therefore an ever-increasing practice using a variety of laser techniques. Laser marking, engraving, and etching have become standard for many businesses.

In comparison to etching and engraving, laser marking itself is less common, and it is not offered at many laser cutting business. Marking is commonly used for medical devices, on stainless steel and titanium. The laser systems utilized by A-Laser can create characters smaller than 20 mils lightly marked into product surfaces or etched to specified depths.

Unlike engraving and etching, laser marking does not remove material from the product surface and does not need several passes to add anything or alter the general product appearance.

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Laser marking has a few distinct differences than the other techniques. It uses a low powered beam at a low temperature moving slowly across the material, heating it and causing the oxidation process. The material surface remains unbroken and undamaged during the laser progression.

There are benefits of laser marking, instead of traditional pin stamps or inkjet printers. The technology using lasers is far more advanced, performed at higher speeds and offers a higher quality result. Laser marking will also need to be performed much less often, or even just once, therefore saving operational costs and any maintenance that would otherwise be needed if the outdated machinery was used.