Laser Skiving

Laser Skiving for Selective Removal of Material Layers

Skiving means to slice and is used on a variety of materials. For metals, skiving can be used to remove selective thin layers without affecting the material it comes off of, exposing the underside for handling, and can also create thin slices on existing substances.

Products such as hydraulic cylinders, gas tanks, transformers, and even seatbelts all use laser skiving technology in their development process.


A-Laser’s highly skilled technicians use skiving cutting services with UV (ultraviolet) laser equipment. Using a UV laser with a <20 micron beam as opposed to another type gives us the ability to work in extremely fine contours.

The main benefits are then passed on to our customers with a clean, consistent trace left on the products, with all carbon residue having virtually been eliminated. This improves your products’ functionality and efficiency that will enable them to work at the highest level possible.

Our customers will also benefit by finding savings in time and money with our skiving process as it also reduces post-process cleaning. A-laser cutting skiving service is precise to 12 microns, meaning there is a reduction in product fallout, which creates a difference in your bottom line.

We deliver a very high quality product every time through UV laser skiving.