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Navigating Laser Cutting Copper

In the intricate world of metal fabrication, copper presents its own set of challenges. A-Laser not only understands these challenges but excels at conquering them.

Why Cutting Copper Can Be Tricky

Thermal Sensitivity: Copper’s high thermal conductivity poses challenges during traditional cutting methods. A-Laser’s advanced technology tackles this head-on, minimizing heat-affected zones for pristine results.

Reflectivity: Copper’s reflective nature can be a stumbling block for some laser systems. Fear not. A-Laser’s expertise and cutting-edge solutions navigate the reflective labyrinth with ease.

Tailored Solutions: UV and Fiber Laser Technology

UV Precision: For intricate designs and tight tolerances, A-Laser offers UV laser technology. This precise method is ideal for projects (typically under 20 mil), demanding the utmost accuracy, ensuring your copper creations are a cut above the rest.

Fiber Flexibility: When versatility is key, our fiber laser technology takes the stage. For projects dealing with copper sheets with complex designs, A-Laser adapts to the unique demands of your copper cutting needs.

The Power to Transform: Cutting Thicknesses with Precision

Fine Tuning for Success: A-Laser recognizes that not all copper is created equal. Our technology adjusts its power to cut through different thicknesses with precision, providing optimal results without compromising efficiency.

Powering Through: From thin foils to substantial sheets, A-Laser has the power to transform copper into the masterpiece you envision. Trust in our technology to handle the spectrum of copper cutting requirements.

Optimizing the Process: How to Successfully Laser Cut Copper

Fine-Tuning for Success: The heart of successful copper laser cutting lies in meticulous optimization. A-Laser provides a guide to the essential parameters ensuring optimal results:

  • Laser Power: Tailor the power to the copper thickness to ensure efficient cutting without compromise.

  • Cut Speed: Maintain a cut speed of 85-90% of the maximum allowed to keep the workpiece heated and non-reflective, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted cutting.

  • Point of Focus: Optimize the focal point for maximum energy density, achieved through different optical lenses and adjustments to the distance between the lens and the worktable.

  • High-Pressure Oxygen Gas: Elevate efficiency by using pressurized oxygen gas (100-300 psi), creating copper oxide that lowers reflectivity.

A-Laser Advantage: Where Expertise Meets Innovation

Comprehensive Expertise: Navigating the complexities of copper cutting demands more than technology; it requires expertise. A-Laser’s team of dedicated experts ensures that every project, regardless of intricacy, is met with the highest standards of precision.

Innovation at its Core: A-Laser doesn’t just adapt; we innovate. Our commitment to staying ahead of industry challenges places us at the forefront of technology, ensuring you experience the best in copper cutting innovation.

Elevate Your Copper Cutting Experience with A-Laser

Whether it’s overcoming thermal challenges, conquering reflectivity issues, or mastering the intricacies of different thicknesses, A-Laser stands as your partner in precision. Choose A-Laser for Laser Cutting Copper and witness the seamless fusion of expertise and innovation.