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Think of all the devices we use in a day: our phones, our TVs, the computers we work on; the systems in our cars deploying the airbags or medical components that save lives. All of these technologies have one thing in common – they all have Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) hidden somewhere inside the design.

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Why are PCBs Important?

Without PCBs, recent electronic designs would not have been possible. These marvels of technology support and connect all the electronic components needed to make the magic happen inside a device or machine.

The miniature design of various devices that require printed circuit boards is pushing the limits of electrical performance. With continued advances in integrated circuit (IC) fabrication, the number and density of connections to interface the devices continue to rise.

In order to further aid in the increased output of PCBs while still maintaining a small size, depaneling was created.

What is PCB depaneling?

PCB depaneling is the process of removing numerous smaller, individual boards from a larger panel during manufacturing.

PCBs are usually manufactured in large panels with multiple boards, but can also be produced as single units. The depaneling process can be fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual. This brings lower throughput, along with eliminating the added cost of tooling and waste removal associated with mechanical methods.

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How is PCB Depaneling done?

A-Laser depaneling is done with speed, pin-point accuracy, no tooling cost or wear, no part induced stress, and no cutting oils or other waste. A non-contact depaneling method using lasers provides a highly precise singulation without any risk of harming material, regardless of substrate.

As the technology community continues to innovate and create smaller and more advanced devices, A-Laser offers the latest in precision part manufacturing to meet this demand.

Why Should You Consider PCB Depaneling?

The reduced size and intricate design of new technology require smaller PCBs. Since there is no standard set for PCBs, every board is design-specific. This results in the need for depaneling.

A-Laser employs every method of PCB depaneling to ensure production factors such as stress, precision, and cleanliness are kept at an unparalleled industry standard.

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