Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting services are a small fraction of what we are willing to offer you. Many of our competitors make it sound like the be-all and end-all technology. We assure you it’s not.

Here’s why:

  • Laser cutting services usually correspond to cutting out materials with custom designs of your choosing.
  • This is the natural progression of CNC machines with some advantages like, sharp corner capability, quick prototyping with no tooling requirement, and just the sheer fact that you’re using lasers to make things – who can say no to that!
  • Laser cutting is the industry standard for products such as high precision stencils for the electronics industry.
  • Making stencils for SMT components cannot be achieved with regular mechanical micro-milling machines – it’s just not physically possible!
  • The only other alternative is chemical etching which is far less accurate or reliable and is an environmental disaster.

We have mastered the art of using stencil lasers to offer you laser cutting services for parts, designs, and stencils, of course.

While we agree with our competitors that certain fabrication methods will guarantee the least heat derived distortion, and smaller burrs than mechanical cutting – we disagree on the meaning of “laser cutting services”.

Why A-Laser?

The phrase, “laser cutting services” as used by our competitors is very misleading.

Mainly because they are only telling half the story.

Upon visiting their websites, you’ll notice that they offer laser cutting services for heat retaining, metal materials, and mostly stainless steel.

But wait! What about other materials? What if you wanted to cut copper or aluminum? Can laser cutting include plastics?


At A-Laser we have completed the circle when it comes to laser cutting services. We have the latest laser technology that our competitors don’t have.

In addition to perfecting the use of IR and Fiber laser technologies, we went a step further and mastered UV laser technology. With our state of the art LPKF UV laser machines, we can confidently offer laser cutting services that include the full spectrum that everyone else is missing.

Our laser cutting services include laser ablation. This enables us to cut a whole host of materials that no one else can.

You can check a list of those materials here.

We’re always willing to go the extra mile to bring you the latest in micro machining technologies so you don’t have to worry about material choices for your next project or design.

With our expertise and capabilities, your imagination is truly the limit!

Interested in getting laser cutting services?