Laser Cutting for the Aerospace Industry

A-Laser enters the aerospace world with laser cutting and machining services that continue to exceed performance expectations.  The modern aerospace industry has strict tolerance requirements and A-Laser is prepared to meet those needs.

For example, modern aerospace design dictates anywhere from dozens to millions of precise holes and channels.  These must vary in thickness, diameters, and geometries. A-Laser is prepared to meet these requirements and we do so with faster, more versatile, more consistent and cost-effective tools. 

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Why Laser Technology?

UV lasers have become the laser of choice in the technology world in a wide range of industries. These lasers entered the market with ever-increasing average and peak powers. UV lasers continue to offer users improvement in electrical efficiency, beam brightness, and cutting precision.

With UV lasers, it’s never been easier to build aerospace components from initial prototype to final production. 

Why Use Laser Processing in Aerospace:

When compared to traditional manufacturing processes, laser processing offers an amazing series of advantages:

  • Laser processing is 100% software controlled. This allows us to adjust for variations in material thickness and contours during the initial setup and design phase. Laser paths can be adjusted to allow extreme precision even under the most complex material variations.
  • With UV lasers, virtually no mechanical or thermal stresses occur on the target materials.
  • UV lasers offer extreme precision. The UV beam is only a few µm. This allows tiny cutting channels and more components and complexity on each material piece.

Laser Technology & The Future

Laser cutting and processing is not new to the aerospace industry. As the industry has grown and demanded higher precision and smaller sizes, laser cutting has allowed continued innovation while reducing component size and weight.

Whether you’re building mechanical flight components or parts for aerospace electronics, A-Laser has the tools to help you design and fabricate the perfect component from prototype through final production.

If you’d like get a quote for your precision laser cutting needs, please click below. We’d love to work with you to help design and fabricate the parts you need to propel the future of the aerospace industry.

At A-Laser, we’re passionate about helping companies like yours build the future of the aerospace industry. Let’s work together to improve aerospace design.

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