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A-Laser's Electrostatic Discharge Protection Measures

A-Laser ESD Protection

ESD (short for electrostatic discharge) is the enemy of all things electronic. The same static shock that makes you jump when you touch a doorknob after walking across carpet can irreparably damage electronic components and products.

For manufacturers, preventing ESD is the only way to ensure that the finished product is reliable and long-lasting. Damage from ESD sometimes causes immediate failure, and sometimes it’s not apparent until the device fails down the road.

How A-Laser Prevents Damage from ESD

We work on ESD protection in order to prevent it from harming our electronic materials at every step of the process.

A-Laser ESD Protection

We use ESD-safe flooring to minimize static fields.

Static charges often build up when electronics are transported (such as on a cart or workbench) because of the friction generated. ESD-safe flooring helps mitigate this risk.

A-Laser ESD Protection

We rely on ESD-compliant packaging.

ESD-compliant packaging is very important for transporting our depaneled boards. ESD-compliant bags, boxes, and more ensure that boards arrive undamaged by electrostatic discharge.

A-Laser ESD Protection

We require ESD-safe clothing and booties.

A-Laser ensures that ESD-safe clothing is worn by everyone working with electronic components. Clothing is one of the big culprits behind static charges (think about the laundry coming out of the dryer: fabric and dry air combine to create a ton of static).

We use specially made clothing that’s designed to resist static. ESD-safe booties cover shoes and combine with the ESD-safe flooring to minimize static from walking.

A-Laser ESD Protection

We run humidity ionizers reduce static in the air.

Just as a dry environment (like a winter day with the furnace running) means you’re more likely to get a static shock in your home, so does a dry manufacturing environment make it more likely that components will be damaged.

We guard against this threat by using ionizers that keep humidity at the right level to reduce static levels in the air.

The challenges of ESD

ESD is a costly source of product failure in the electronics industry. If you want to build up a reputation for reliability, you can’t have products that never work, or that stop working in the field!

For instance, gate oxide and junction spiking are two kinds of failures caused by ESD that can cause leakage or functional failure. Latch-up failure can also cause circuits to stop working, either temporarily or altogether.

We’re dedicated to effectively managing ESD in order to deliver reliable boards and components.

What causes ESD?

There are many culprits. Opening bags, unrolling tape, moving components, rubbing packaging… Anything that causes friction between materials can make static. (When static is created, it’s known as “triboelectric charging.”) If that static is transferred to electronic components, it can cause problems.

Avoiding ESD at every level of production

In order to create a reliable final product that will last for consumers or perform reliably in the field, ESD must be avoided at every stage of the production process. Our experience working within aerospace, medical, and other industries has helped us develop a process that ensures high reliability.

Here at A-Laser, we work hard to ensure the components we deliver to you have been shielded from the damage caused by electrostatic discharge. It’s part of our commitment to high-quality, reliable work and laser cutting services.

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