Laser Processing Medical Components

Medical Industry Challenges

The medical industry presents unique challenges to precision parts manufacturers. Not only are the applications cutting edge, but demanding in terms of traceability, cleanliness, and repeatability. A-laser has the equipment, experience, and systems in place to provide our customers with the highest quality products in the most reliable and ef cient manner possible.

Our Support

Our operations and engineering staff combine decades of experience to provide our customers with ideal solutions for their prototyping and production needs. Often our customers do not know the full range of our capabilities. We are available to assist with any design questions you have, from heat affected areas to hole pitch to cut paths. When it is time to move to production we can assist in material selection and layout to make the process as cost effective as possible.

A-Laser’s Solution

Our UV and IR laser systems are among the most precise pieces of equipment available in the market today.


The lasers themselves work with a beam size that is less than 20 microns on the UV systems, which means that we can cut the most intricate of designs, including virtually radius free corners. Their high power density gives us the ability to offer some of the cleanest, burr-free cuts available.

Cycle Time Reduction

Our process requires no hard tooling, therefore, once we have les and material we begin creating parts. Revision changes are quick and easy. Simply provide a new le and we adjust on the y.


The table and motion systems enable us to maintain +/- 12 micron (.0005”) tolerances. This, combined with the stability of the laser source, ensure that products are cut to the same high level of quality each time the material is set in place.

Our Standards

A-Laser/FCT Assembly is ISO9001:2008 Certified
Proper certification and, more importantly, sound process ow makes our group aware of the product consistency that our customers demand. We have the systems in place that ensure our staff has accountability for the high standard of quality we must put out each time we send product.

About A-Laser

Service & Quality

Our technical support, combined with the newest technology and quick delivery has set A-Laser apart as an industry leader.

  • Fine pitch and high density patterns increase in demand every day and the need to meet and verify these tolerances has become a necessity of our customers. We’ve solved this issue, not only with the best laser cutting equipment, but also advanced scanning equipment. Positional accuracy, thickness and pattern verication are all tracked.
  • A-Laser is committed to total quality and is fully certified ISO-9001:2008

Contact A-Laser

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A Division of FCT Assembly

The precision parts division of FCT Assembly, A-Laser offers laser services to a variety of industries. The success of this division is derived from our ability to produce highly accurate, ne features increasing the performance and enhancing the processes of our customers.

Our Technology

UV Laser Systems

  • LPKF frequency tripled diode pumped NdYag
  • .0005”/12 micron tolerances
  • Less than 20 micron beam

IR Laser Systems

  • Fiber and NdYag laser sources
    +/- 1/2 mil tolerances
    Separate marking speci c and cutting specific systems
  • CO2 Laser Systems
  • Ability to process wide range of materials

Chemical Etching

  • Tolerance is typically +/- 10% of material thickness

Inspection Systems

  • Smartscope ZIP Lite300OGP
  • Keyence VHX 1000
  • LPKF Scancheck

Available Services

Laser Services

  • Routing – clean edges, sharp corners, design freedom
  • Laser Direct Structuring – 3D circuits, molded interconnect devices
  • Drilling – 17 micron holes, 4 mil circles
  • Marking – permanent high quality bar codes, part & serial numbers

Post Process Services

  • NanoSlic Coating – Permanently bonded & conforms to a variety of materials, abrasion & corrosion resistant surface that is hydrophobic
  • Pickling, cleaning, plating, anodizing
  • Inspection
  • Light Assembly