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Laser Cutting Cost Estimator

How Costs are Calculated

Laser cutting costs are calculated by the time a job takes on the laser. The time the job takes on a laser is dependent on the type of materials and the thickness of the materials being cut.

*Please note: these are only estimations and do not include material, labor costs, or setup fees. Contact us if you’d like a full quote.

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Laser Cutting is Changing Manufacturing

Our laser cutting cost calculator gives you a quick estimate of the cost of laser cutting for your specific project.

We’ve made it easy to figure out the approximate cost of laser cutting steel, Kapton/Cirlex, and other materials based on the parameters of your project. Of course, every project is different, and we’re happy to offer you a full quote. But this is a fast, easy way to get a ballpark idea of laser cutting costs for your project.

Why is it worth investigating the costs of laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a high-accuracy process that avoids many of the drawbacks of traditional manufacturing methods. It involves high-energy laser beams focused on extremely small surfaces; the energy density causes the material to melt and evaporate, leaving behind a very precise cut. It’s a time- and cost-effective method that delivers unparalleled control, all with minimal stress to the materials.

Laser cutting is often preferred to traditional methods because the heat affected zone, or HAZ, is so small. Laser cutting also yields precise, smooth cuts, giving engineers greater freedom to design intricate parts and pieces. Learn more about our UV laser ablation and IR laser cutting services.

How A-Laser estimates laser cutting prices

Technology is changing fast, and our clients often are under tight time constraints. That’s why it’s helpful to be able to quickly estimate the cost of laser cutting for a specific product. We developed our laser cutting cost calculator to help you make informed decisions about your options for any given project. If you have never used laser cutting in your process before, you may be surprised at the price, especially given the superiority of the results.

In order to accurately estimate the cost of cutting steel, Kapton/Cirlex, PEEK, beryllium copper, and FR4, we need to know the basic parameters of your project. That includes material thickness, distance of the laser cuts, and the total quantity needed.

Our calculator then applies that data to a cost calculation that takes into account all the costs of laser operation, including machine operators, equipment and maintenance costs, facility expenses, and more. It’s also based on historical data from our years of experience in the laser cutting industry.

While requesting a quote is the most accurate way to get a cost estimate for working with A-Laser, our cost calculator is a good way to get a general idea of how the cost of laser cutting compares to other methods.

Why choose A-Laser today?

Are you concerned that the materials you need to have laser cut can’t be done with excellence and precision?  When you chose A-Laser, you won’t need to be.  We have you covered when it comes to laser cutting services. A-Laser has the latest technology, and we’re ready to help you build the future.

A-Laser cutting technology has taken the precision parts industry to new levels, enabling increased complexity in design, higher cut quality, and the ability to maintain tighter tolerances through laser ablation. In addition to perfecting the use of IR and Fiber laser technologies, we went to the next level and mastered UV laser technology. With our state of the art LPKF UV laser machines, A-Laser can offer the full spectrum of laser cutting services.

Still not sure we can handle whatever you give us?  You can check a list of all the materials we service here.  We’re always willing to go the extra mile to bring you the latest in micromachining technologies so you’ll have no concerns about material choices for your next project or design.  With A-Laser’s expertise and capabilities, your imagination is truly the limit!

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