Laser Cutting Cost Estimator


**Please note: This is only an estimate. Additional setup, engineering, and cleaning charges may apply. There is a minimum order of $450.


Why Choose A-Laser TODAY?

Are you concerned that the materials you need to have laser cut can’t be done with excellence and precision?  When you chose A-Laser, you won’t need to be.  We have you covered when it comes to laser cutting services. A-Laser has the latest technology, and we’re ready to help you build the future.

A-Laser cutting technology has taken the precision parts industry to new levels, enabling increased complexity in design, higher cut quality, and the ability to maintain tighter tolerances through laser ablation.

In addition to perfecting the use of IR and Fiber laser technologies, we went to the next level and mastered UV laser technology. With our state of the art LPKF UV laser machines, A-Laser can offer the full spectrum of laser cutting services.

Still not sure we can handle whatever you give us?  You can check a list of all the materials we service here.  We’re always willing to go the extra mile to bring you the latest in micro machining technologies so you’ll have no concerns about material choices for your next project or design.  With A-Laser’s expertise and capabilities, your imagination is truly the limit!

Laser cutting services are a small fraction of what we are willing to offer you. Our staff are engineers at heart who can help you find the best solution to meet your needs.

Why Laser Cutting is Changing Manufacturing

  • Laser cutting is the industry norm for products such as high precision stencils for the electronics industry.
  • Making stencils for SMT components with lasers is far superior to regular mechanical micro-milling machines. Laser can reach tolerances that are not physically possible with traditional micro-milling.
  • Laser etching is the best alternative is chemical etching. Chem etching is less accurate, less reliable, and less environmentally responsible.

A-Laser wants to help you enter the world of cutting-edge laser technology. Our expertise in laser cutting provides you with nearly limitless design and production opportunities.