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Engineering Services from A-Laser

A-Laser’s advanced engineering services help take your precision parts from idea to reality.

Our team does much more than just run laser cutting machines. We’re with you every step of the way, providing technical support and advice to help you get your precision parts needs done right — on time and on budget.

The value of engineering services

Most companies have laser operators who can only design laser tools to a certain extent. That means you may be leaving money, time, and quality on the table.

When it comes to tight tolerance machining, we work with your design engineers and engineering project managers to save time and money while yielding a better product. Our experienced engineers bridge the gap between theoretical and actual precision parts manufacturing for a smooth process and excellent results.

Precision parts manufacturing and product design is not always a straightforward path. In fact, you can count on hurdles and unexpected challenges to pop up. We’re uniquely equipped to help you handle every hurdle in stride.

Engineering Services

Why choose A-Laser?

By integrating broad process capabilities such as CNC laser cuttingprecision parts manufacturinglaser markinglaser depaneling, laser drilling and micromachiningskiving,  and routing with various laser cutting frequencies. A-Laser is delivering innovative products that address complex design requirements.


Engineering Services

We offer customers with limitless design, tight tolerances and repeatable processing.

Engineering Services

We guide customers through development, quantity ramp-up and full-scale production.

Engineering Services

ESD Safe environment to prevent electrostatic discharge during production.

Engineering Services

A-Laser operates in a ITAR Certified facility and maintains ISO quality standards.

About our engineers

Our experienced engineers have a variety of backgrounds in industrial design and various manufacturing processes:

  • Precision parts manufacturer
  • Tight tolerance machining
  • Mechanical drafting (CAD/CAM)

These include electromechanical and embedded systems design, control engineering, mechanical drafting (CAD/CAM), electronic design, and more.

We work with a wide range of materials and industries, including medical, aerospace, electronics, and more. We have expertise over a wide range of techniques including micromachining services (such as laser depaneling, laser drilling, and laser ablation routing) as well as PCB fabrication and CNC custom precision laser cutting. Our list of commonly used materials can give you an idea of the products we regularly work with.

What our engineering services cover

Our engineers can help you with:

  • Laser parameter adjustment (tool design) to yield the best cut quality for any precision parts need
  • Comprehensive project-specific advice to help you achieve your precision part manufacturing goals efficiently and affordably
  • Step-by-step process development, from prototype to product realization
  • Root cause analysis for any discrepancy or faults
  • Experts in quality to achieve tight tolerance machining
  • Other elements of the design and production process

Some examples of what we do:

  • Give advice on how to keep depaneling costs down
  • Help with fixture designs to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy
  • Recommend materials that perform the required function within clients’ budgets

For example, we recently helped a customer design a zero vacuum fixture for laser depaneling of very thin flex panels with extremely sensitive components on board. When we finished the project, the client told us we were the only manufacturer in the valley able to deliver this high-quality work. We’re proud to regularly receive such feedback.

Learn more about how we can help with your project. We’ll respond within 24 hours to get you the quote, and you’ll also be connected with our in-house experts.