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SOMABLACK, produced by Somar Corporation, is rapidly becoming the top choice for many applications that require low to zero light reflectivity. It is a polyester-based material, mixed with black carbon to create something that both shades light and reduces reflection, while also having excellent dimensional stability. It is available in a range of options, with varying thicknesses, specular glossiness, optical density, and coatings. This allows for a multitude of options for different applications and adds the possibility for electrical conductivity and sliding properties if required. This makes it an excellent choice for applications such as shutters, diaphragms, spacers, washers, zooming cylinders, and much more.

Product TypeApplication Examples
Ordinary Type (SOMABLACK-R)Spacers, washers, etc. that need to be black or matte finish in appearance
High Light- Shading Type (SOMABLACK-H)Light shading parts of optical instruments like a shutter and diaphragm, etc. of cameras
Coating Type (SOMABLACK-C)Light shading parts of optical instruments like a shutter and diaphragm, etc. of cameras
Non-Reflection Type (SOMABLACK-NR)Light-reflection prevention materials inside optical instruments, as well as outer parts
PropertyApplication Examples
Matte FinishCamera shutters, diaphragms, spacers, washers, etc.
Matte Finish & Electric ConductivityCamera shutters, diaphragms, spacers, washers, etc. that need the control of static electricity
Matte Finish & Electric Conductivity/Sliding PropertyCamera shutters, diaphragms, zooming cylinders, etc. that need static electricity control and sliding property

Source: Somar Corporation

SOMABLACK Applications

As the industry for digital cameras grows in a direction where every component is consistently becoming smaller and smaller, especially those being integrated into cell phones, the need for this material combined with small and precise features has never been higher. A-Laser’s UV laser cutting capabilities are an excellent match for this material, as it cuts extremely well and requires minimal to no post-cut cleaning. This allows for precise cuts that need tighter tolerances for geometries, such as apertures, where control over the light being emitted is critical to the device’s function. Laser technology is uniquely capable of handling such precise tolerances. We are fortunate to be supporting a growing trend of requests for this material and hope others will discover and try this as a solution for their optical instruments.

SOMABLACK is a material that the A-Laser team has had many experiences with laser cutting, including applications in industries like Defense, Aerospace, and Medical Device. Through experience in manufacturing with this material, SOMABLACK has proven consistent in its properties and quality. 

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