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A-Laser offers precision parts manufacturing for a variety of end markets including medical, industrial and electronics.

By integrating broad process capabilities such as CNC laser cutting, precision parts manufacturinglaser marking, laser depaneling, laser drilling and micromachining, skiving,  and routing with various laser cutting frequencies. A-Laser is delivering innovative products that address complex design requirements.

Our technical engineers guide customers through project development, quantity ramp-up and full-scale production. We can process a huge variety of various materials to meet your needs.

A-Laser’s extensive UV lasers and IR lasers technology offers customers with limitless design and production opportunities.

The Laser Cutting Expert for the Medical Industry

A-Laser has years of experience cutting custom, complex components for the medical industry. Our process involves thorough contract and engineering reviews to ensure problems are caught and corrected early in the process.

This leads to a more reliable component as well as fewer delays in getting your parts to you.


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