Pushing the Limits of Cutting Technology

(IR) Infrared Laser Cutting

Metal Laser Cutting

Using IR lasers, A-Laser offers metal laser cutting services that are ideal for companies in need of high quality and tight tolerances. Our IR lasers operate at a 1064 nanometer wavelength and have one of the most stable motion systems in the world for metal laser cutting. The result is a clean, burr-free cut that is exactly where your application demands. The beam diameter used to create these thin metal parts is so small that the most intricate designs become possible through our metal laser cutting. Laser cutting services are widely varied in the applications that best suit them and our niche is the thin, high quality, and high precision:

  • Contact free processing, therefore no material distortion
  • <40 micron beam for fine features
  • +/-.0005″ tolerance repeatability
  • 0.001″ – 0.025″ metal thickness range
IR laser cuttingIR laser cutting

In addition to utilizing state of the art equipment, we know that our success, and that of our customer, depends on our ability to provide high quality laser cut parts in the quickest time frame possible. We are typically able to deliver low volume runs within 24 hours and higher volumes within a few days.

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