Pushing the Limits of Cutting Technology

(UV) Ultra Violet Laser Ablation

Laser Cutting Polyimides and Plastics

A-Laser is one of the only laser cutting services in the United States using Ultra Violet (UV) laser ablation for precision parts manufacturing. We are set apart further from other laser cutting services because our UV lasers run at over 7 watts of power. UV laser ablation produces incredibly fine features, precisely cut, and with minimal thermal influence or carbon residue. These systems are mainly used for production of non-metal parts, but we’ve also achieved results with ultra thin metal parts.

  • 20 micron beam
  • Pulse repetition rates up to 250 kHz
  • 355 nanometer wavelength
  • Pulse length <100 nanoseconds
  • Contact free laser ablation ensures material integrity
UV laser ablationUV laser ablation

UV laser ablation allows us to achieve incredibly intricate and complex patterns without charring the material and maintaining tolerances of +/- 12 microns or .0005″. UV lasers use an ablation process, basically exploding rather than melting the material, resulting in cleaner edge quality and less thermal influence to the materials being laser cut. Our laser ablation service focuses on quality through cutting edge technology and experience from more than a decade in the precision parts market.

We see a wide range of materials on our UV laser ablation systems, from polyimides, precious metals to thermal substrates. Additionally, these materials are seen with adhesive combos or clad and bonded. Our laser ablation specialists have built a vast library of tools to accommodate the various material combinations, thicknesses, and cut demands of our customers.

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