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A-Laser Looking to Make an Impact in the Medical Device Industry

September 3, 2014

The medical industry presents unique challenges to precision parts manufacturers. Not only are the applications cutting edge, but also demanding in terms of traceability,  leanliness, and repeatability. A-laser has the equipment, experience, and systems in place to provide our customers with the highest quality products in the most reliable and efficient manner possible.

“We had recent success drilling and cutting tube shaped materials for some of our customers, specifically in the medial industry”, said Rani Bandak, Sr. Customer Relations and Support at A-Laser. “We have worked with stainless steel tubes, polyimide tubes and recently some PEBAX tubes with great success. We are also capable of cutting rods of various materials and thicknesses.”

Our operations and engineering staff combine decades of experience to provide our customers with ideal solutions for their prototyping and production needs. Often our customers do not know the full range of our capabilities. We are available to assist with any design questions you have, from heat affected areas to hole pitch to cut paths. When it is time to move to production we can assist in material selection and layout to make the process as cost effective as possible.

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Medical Tubing

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