Laser Benefits

Benefits of Laser Cutting & Laser Processing

At A-Laser, we know that in providing cutter services there are many issues to take under consideration, especially when manufacturing state of the art products with the most advanced technology.

Complexity of patterns is increasing and tighter tolerances are being demanded. To stay ahead of the curve, and continue being an industry leader, A-Laser cutting services are equipped with beams less than 20 microns and a motion system that allows us to maintain 12 micron tolerances. Burring and leftover carbon residues are no longer acceptable in the marketplace and are virtually eliminated on our UV laser cutting systems.

The ability to cut complex shapes with a stress free laser process allows for more circuits on a single panel. CAD tooling software makes pattern changes or adjustments simple and quick.

Our lasers allow us to service the specific needs seen in the production of flex and rigid flex circuits, test sockets and probe cards, aerospace and medical applications. Whether it is metal laser cutting, plastic laser cutting, or something else, A-Laser has the tools to deliver the best laser cutting services.

Laser Cutting Advantages with A-Laser:

  • 24 HOUR TURNS, because there is no hard tooling
  • Clean cutting edges, no burning, no conductive residue
  • Cuts of extremely fine contours and practically radius-free corners
  • Minimal thermal influence, i.e. no delamination
  • Cuts of different material thicknesses and types in one processing step
  • Contact-free material processing, thereby no material distortion
  • High precision and positional accuracy of the edges, through automatic registration of fiducials

Most importantly, we can give your engineers the ability to do the work they were intended for. The bottom line is that A-Laser can save your company both time and money while helping to provide a superior product.