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Laser Cutting for Your Project

Miniaturization is a widespread trend for manufacturers and end-consumers in today’s fast-paced mobile world. As many products, devices, and equipment decrease in size, the demand for compact and complex design requirements increase. Manufacturers are forced to operate with the highest precision technology in order to achieve these intricate and demanding requirements.

One of these technologies is the ability to cut and process various materials using infrared lasers (IR). The most popular material for utilizing IR lasers is ultra-thin metal; attributable to contact-free processing resulting in no material distortion. The result is a clean, burr-free cut that compliments many of today’s precision applications.

Is Laser Cutting Right for Your Project?

A-Laser utilizes the most advanced IR lasers in the world while specializing in cutting ultra-thin materials and high-precision laser processing. When utilizing our technology, you can expect the best cut on the market. With repeatable +/-.0005 tolerances ranging on thicknesses from 0.001– 0.025, we ensure a consistently cut part every time. Our specialty is tight tolerance processing and we pride ourselves on being compliant with extensive ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

We know that our customers demand high-quality complex parts. We also know that our customer’s success depends on our ability to deliver these high quality parts as quickly as possible. We are able to deliver prototypes and low volume runs within 24 hours while higher volumes can be delivered within a few days. The value that manufacturers receive from utilizing our IR laser cutting services is unmatched.