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Laser Cutting & Laser Processing Services

3D Circuits

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) has revolutionized the molded interconnect device market, bringing flexibility to design, enhancing product capability and often at a cost savings. Molded Interconnect Devices (MID). MID’s are injection molded thermoplastic parts with integrated circuit traces. They provide enormous technical and economic potential and offer a remarkable improved ecological behavior in comparison to conventional printed circuit boards, they will however not replace, but complement circuitry that… Read more

Laser Services

Demand for precision laser contract manufacturing services has grown steadily as engineers become further educated on the materials that can be processed, the ease of revisions, and the differences between various laser systems and sources.

We utilize a variety of methods to create the gaskets, shims, washers, blades, chip carriers and other custom parts required by our customers. Our UV laser cutting equipment is ideal for the thinnest metal foils and polymers (Kapton, Peek, etc.) requiring the highest cut quality. We have multiple Yag and fiber systems for a wide array of thin metal parts and laser marking applications. Lastly, we utilize CO2 systems to process a variety of acrylic and mylar materials, amongst other polymers… Read more

Nano-Coating Services

Nanocoating services were developed to enhance our laser cut SMT stencil manufacturing process. By beginning with that market, we took on one of our most challenging applications first… Read more

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