CO2 Laser

CO2 Carbon Dioxide Laser Processing Services

The carbon dioxide (CO2) gas laser was one of the earliest produced. Aside from carbon dioxide, it runs on a gas mixture including helium, nitrogen, and hydrogen, water vapor, and xenon. The laser is then pumped electrically with a gas discharge operated on a DC current, AC current or radio frequency.

The CO2 laser is the highest power continuous wave (constant over time) laser. It is incredibly efficient, producing a beam of infrared light.

Through acquisition of Global Stencil’s Austin Texas facility in 2013, A-Laser now offers CO2 laser processing options. CO2 lasers are ideal for a wide range of materials, such as acrylics and ceramics, plus gives us more versatility when it comes to thicker polyimides and flexible circuit skiving work.

Some applications for CO2 lasers include:

  • Industrial cutting and welding; cutting with lasers allows for etching and engraving both simple and more complex designs. Welding with lasers joins multiple pieces of metal together.
  • Medical needs such as soft tissue surgeries and, treating skin conditions in place of scalpels. Lasers cause less bleeding, provide shorter surgery times, and have less risk of swelling and post op infections.
  • Other uses include fabricating microfluidic devices (ink jet printers, DNA chips), range finding military devices, and usage in spectroscopy.

Laser processing is very application dependent, driven not only by material and thickness, but also by the expectations of our customers. A-Laser has multiple CO2 laser processes in house, and this allows us to provide a number of solutions to the challenges faced by engineers.