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Upcoming exhibitions for our laser cutting services

September 30, 2013

The Fort Collins, Colorado sales group is heading east, exhibiting a variety of precision laser cut parts at two shows in October, MD&M Minneapolis and Design 2 Parts Marlborough.  We will be highlighting our UV laser ablation process, laser marked parts, and high precision thin metal parts.  MD&M Minneapolis has been a good show for us over the years and a great place to show off the cleanliness of our cuts, traceability of processes, and value added through cycle time reduction.  It will be the second time for us to exhibit at the Marlborough Design 2 Parts show.  We look forward to the wide variety of opportunities we expect to find there, from aerospace to medical to semiconductor manufacturers.  We will bring a wide variety of materials to both shows and, hopefully, show off the quality and precision that sets our laser cutting services apart from others.

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