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NanoSlic Surface Protection

Leveraging their understanding of material behavior, Florida CirTech technologists recognized the need for a protective, hydrophobic  coating; the result was the development of NanoSlic. Because of the durability and hydrophobic properties, NanoSlic coatings protect surfaces from water, oils, rust, chemical corrosion, thermal demands, abrasion and more. Some of the industries that benefit from a durable nano coating include:

Medical Devices

Medical Devices & Equipment

NanoSlic can be used in the medical industry to create hydrophobic surfaces that repel water and oils which in turn, reduces scale and prevents the build-up of dangerous bacteria.



Metals, alloys and metallic surfaces

Metals, Alloys & Metallic Surfaces

For hydrophobic and oleophobic protection of large surfaces or individual parts. NanoSlic protects surfaces from corrosion, chemicals, staining, abrasion and scratching.



Electronics, Components, Conformal Coating

Electronics & Electrical Components

For circuit boards and other electronics protection, NanoSlic provides superior electrical insulation due to its silicon-based chemistry. This insulting property protects electronics and connections from water and corrosion and extends the life of these devices.



Consumer Appliance Protective Coatings

Appliances & Industrial Equipment

Superior abrasion and scratch resistance, adhesion, and resistance to chemicals and heat make NanoSlic the ultimate safeguard for appliances. Clear NanoSlic grades offer protection without hiding the underlying surface aesthetic. Tinted grades offer a high-tech, high-performance option.



Easy to Clean Agriculture Applications


NanoSlic has the durability to protect concrete floors, feeding troughs, walls and ceilings of hatcherys and feed lots. The coating is designed to resist moisture, urine, feces, decay and makes surfaces easier to clean.



Automotive Applications


For high-performance exterior protection for painted and unpainted surfaces. NanoSlic provides protection from corrosion, chemicals, water, tree sap and insects. When applied over a painted surface, the polymer film is many times harder than the underlying paint, providing additional scratch protection.



Marine Applications

Marine & Coastal Industries

For high-performance hydrophobic and oleophobic exterior protection from the damaging effects of salt water, sun and heat exposure. NanoSlic has outstanding adhesion to aluminum, stainless steel and other metallic surfaces.



Paints and Architecture Coatings

Paints & Architectural Coatings

NanoSlic provides a hydrophobic and oleophobic barrier that protects from water, oils, chemicals, abrasion and scratching. NanoSlic clear grades protect and improve without compromising the underlying color. Colored grades can provide an aesthetically pleasing, high-performance option.


A-Laser uses a proprietary application process to coat various materials and substrates with specific thicknesses to modify surface functions. NanoSlic protects surfaces from water, oils, chemicals and oxidation which can cause corrosion while also being ultra durable and abrasion resistant.

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