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April 18, 2016

Many of today’s industrial manufacturers depend on extremely tiny and complex parts to assemble their large projects. In the precision manufacturing industry especially; small, intricate parts such as nuts, bolts, shims, fasteners and washers are essential to assembly. One of the largest manufacturing industries in the world is the Aerospace industry. For both civil and defense sectors of Aerospace, precision is essential when manufacturing products that fly through our skies and solar system. There is absolutely no tolerance for error in Aerospace design and manufacturing, and precision parts contribute to reducing that error.

Aerospace washers and shimsAt A-Laser, we utilize the most advanced Infrared Lasers in the world while specializing in precise cutting and processing of ultra-thin materials such as plastics and metals. Some of the parts we process are shims and washers specifically designed for the Aerospace industry. A-Laser produces shims and washers that follow specific and strict design requirements allowing for exact control over materials, tolerance, quality, quantity, size, thickness and shape. Washers primary purposes are to distribute load, act as a spacer and to serve as a locking mechanism. Washers are also important in the prevention of Galvanic corrosion, which is caused when one metal begins to corrode during electrical contact with another metal. The washer acts as a separator and neutralizer between the two metals which helps prevent Galvanic corrosion.

In Aerospace, washers can also serve as shims used to fill small gaps or spaces between parts, used to support and adjust or to provide a level surface especially for parts that are subject to wear. These parts must be precisely cut considering they are used whenever an adjustment is needed in order to keep measurements accurate. They are frequently used in order to compensate for inaccuracies or other inconsistencies within a project. Washers and Shims cut using A-Laser’s precision lasers are guaranteed to be consistent with your specific design requirements. Precise engineering, precise design and precise manufacturing are all essential for success in a precise industry such as Aerospace.

At A-Laser, we know that our customers demand high quality complex parts. We also know that our customer’s success depends on our ability to deliver these high quality parts as quickly as possible. Typically, we are able to deliver prototypes and low volume runs within 24 hours and higher volumes within a few days while all maintaining the cut quality that only Infrared Lasers can offer. The value that manufacturers receive from utilizing A-laser’s Infrared Laser Cutting Services is unmatched. If you need to achieve complex and precise design requirements then please contact your local A-Laser Representative; Joe Azevedo (jazevedo@fctassembly.com) or visit our website to learn more.

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