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Laser Cutting for the Medical Device Market

October 11, 2013

A-laser has seen tremendous growth in our medical device laser cutting service business over the last few years, not only local to our San Jose facility, but also from hubs in New England and Minnesota.  Many factors have contributed to our success in this market.  First and foremost, we provide high quality, burr free custom precision parts every time.  But, beyond that, we’ve been able to significantly improve cycle times for our customers.  This allows them to work through design changes and get product to trial at speeds only dreamed of before.  Laser cutting requires material and drawings, so we can move the process along without the delays caused by waiting for hard tooling.  Also, our familiarity with materials and cleaning processes has enabled us to help customers work through the challenges they face in an efficient and effective manner.  Whether we are working with Borosilicate Glass, Platinum, ASTM certified stainless or PEEK, our laser cutting experts are the experience in handling, cleaning and traceability to enhance the process.

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