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A-Laser Exhibits Locally at D2P Santa Clara 2016 Show

May 26, 2016

Development to Prototype to Full-Scale Production

Design 2 Part Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA

Have a design project that needs engineering? With over 20 years of experience, A-Laser’s unique capability in design, development and engineering can take your idea from concept to prototype, and then intimately to full-scale production. Come visit us at the Design 2 Part Santa Clara Show taking place June 8th & 9th and find out how our full service design capabilities can make your concept a reality!

D2P Santa Clara Show Information


Visit A-Laser at Booth #329 and learn more about:

3D Circuits and Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)

3D Circuitry and Molded Interconnect Devices

3D Circuitry

The introduction of Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) has revolutionized the molded interconnect device market, bringing flexibility to design, enhancing product capability and often at a cost savings. Molded Interconnect Devices (MID). MID’s are injection molded thermoplastic parts with integrated circuit traces. They provide enormous technical and economic potential and offer a remarkable improved ecological behavior in comparison to conventional printed circuit boards, they will however not replace, but complement circuitry that would be impossible to achieve with other technologies. In the laser direct structuring process, a part is normally made from a plastic material containing an LDS additive. The laser prints the conductive trace structures onto the surface. Initially copper and then nickel and gold layers are built up on these structures in a subsequent metallization bath.

Precision Laser Cutting Services

Precision laser cut parts

Precision Laser Cutting

A-Laser offers precision parts manufacturing for a variety of end markets including medical, industrial and electronics, among others.  Integrating broad process capabilities such as laser marking, chemical etching, bending and forming and CO2 laser cutting, A-Laser is delivering innovative products that address complex design requirements. Unlimited custom laser cut parts such as gaskets, shims, washers, blades and chip carriers, among others, are precisely cut from the thinnest metal foils, plastics and polymers.

NanoSlic Surface Protection Coatings

Surface Protection Coatings

Surface Protection Coatings

A-Laser uses a proprietary application process to coat various materials and substrates with specific thicknesses to modify surface functions. NanoSlic protects surfaces from water, oils, chemicals and oxidation which can cause corrosion while also being ultra durable and abrasion resistant. Leveraging their understanding of material behavior, our technologists recognized the need for a protective, hydrophobic  coating; the result was the development of NanoSlic. Because of the durability and hydrophobic properties, NanoSlic coatings protect surfaces from water, oils, rust, chemical corrosion, thermal demands, abrasion and more.

Laser Marking Technology

Laser Marking Services

Laser Marking Services

Serial numbers, bar codes, part numbers and logos can be laser marked in a wide variety of materials. The laser process ensures a quality, precision, permanent mark that is highly repeatable and can be created on flat as well as 3-D surfaces. Systems utilized by A-Laser can create characters smaller than 20 mils lightly marked into the surface or etched to specified depths.




A-Laser’s facility is five miles from the Santa Clara Convention Center and is at the heart of the tech industry in Northern California. We are strategically located in Silicon Valley in order to deliver innovative products and services that address complex design requirements especially in this unique area.

Want to schedule an appointment or learn more? Call Joe Azevedo at 408-655-4743. Or email us at norcalorders@a-laser.com.

Visit A-Laser, Booth #329
Design 2 Part Show
June 8th & 9th 2016
Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Pkwy
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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